Weekend Reading

Book Photo source Here are a few things I read this week that I enjoyed.

Food for Thought
  •   Here’s a snippet from this fantastic article on medical studies:

“This array suggested a bigger, underlying dysfunction, and Ioannidis thought he knew what it was. ‘The studies were biased,’ he says. ‘Sometimes they were overtly biased. Sometimes it was difficult to see the bias, but it was there.’ Researchers headed into their studies wanting certain results—and, lo and behold, they were getting them. We think of the scientific process as being objective, rigorous, and even ruthless in separating out what is true from what we merely wish to be true, but in fact it’s easy to manipulate results, even unintentionally or unconsciously. ‘At every step in the process, there is room to distort results, a way to make a stronger claim or to select what is going to be concluded,’ says Ioannidis. ‘There is an intellectual conflict of interest that pressures researchers to find whatever it is that is most likely to get them funded.’ “

Read the rest here.

What do you think? How much do you rely on scientific studies?

Food To Eat
  •   I can’t believe that I just today found this blog! 100 Days of Real Food has quite an interesting history. In 2010 the Leake family went on a 100 day journey to cut out all processed food from their diet. While their original 100 day challenge is over, they’re going strong eating real food and have done other challenges since then, like 100 Days of Real Food on a Budget. I’ve really enjoyed poking around this blog and have bookmarked several recipes to try-the first one will probably be the whole wheat crepes.


  •   I made this Crunchy Kale and Coconut bowl  from Joy The Baker this week, and I totally get why she ate this every day for a week. It really is that good!