Garlic II: How To Make A Simple Garlic Poultice

Last time I talked about garlic I shared some excerpts from two of my favorite herb books on why garlic is so useful as an infection fighter. I showed you how I take it like a man woman, but promised that I had some easier ways to use garlic! Today I’ll walk you through how I make a simple garlic poultice. But first, a few things I use poultices for:

  • Chest congestion/coughs-when one of my boys gets sick with a nasty cough, a garlic poultice on their back and chest helps quickly loosen the congestion and fight the cold. With a wiggly little one who doesn’t want to sit still, I just wrap an ace bandage around his chest and back to secure the poultice so he can go play while still benefitting from the garlic.
  • Bug bites where there might be poison or infection-Any time we get a bite that looks unfamiliar, swells a lot or gets hot, I apply a garlic poultice.


How to Make a Garlic Poultice


2 cloves garlic olive oil

paper towel or cotton cloth


1. Smash garlic with the bottom of a glass, then peel.


2. Fold paper towel or cloth into a small square. Place garlic in the center and smash again with the glass. You want the garlic cloves to be somewhat flat, but not pulverized.


3. Fold the paper towel or cloth up so that you have a small square with the garlic inside. You want all the excess paper towel on one side, leaving two layers of paper towel or cloth over the garlic on the opposite side. Secure the folded edges at the back with a piece of tape.


4. Rub olive oil liberally over the skin where the poultice is to be applied. This helps the garlic absorb into the body quickly, and also protects the skin from being irritated (garlic is very strong and should never be applied straight to the skin).

5. Run hot tap water in the sink, pass the poultice through, then wring out the excess water. Lay the poultice on the skin, with the thin side of the paper towel in contact with the skin (taped side away from the body). Place a dry cloth over top to keep the warmth in. I usually leave in place for 30 minutes at a time for my children, an hour at a time for me or David. Use your own judgment to decide what’s best for you.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I cannot give you medical advice and you should always consult with your health care provider. I share what has worked for me and hope that you find it informative and are encouraged to take charge of your own health and make healthy choices.