How To Cook Brown Rice

Switching to brown rice is an easy way to start transitioning to whole foods. I know some people aren’t crazy about it at first, and I wasn’t either. After a few months we grew used to brown rice and now I much prefer it to white rice. We made the switch cold turkey, but I know some people have success mixing cooked white and brown rice together, gradually increasing the amount of brown rice until you’re no longer serving any white rice. Tip: If you’re going to make the switch to brown rice cold turkey, as we did, serving the rice with other strong flavors can help you and your family get used to the whole grain. When we were adjusting to brown rice I served mexican rice (brown rice with onion, peppers and taco seasoning), fried rice (soy sauce really makes it hard to tell it’s brown rice!), tossed into soups, etc. I also never told anyone we were going to be eating brown rice from then on. And you know what? No one complained (except me a little bit, but I did it in my head so no one knew!). Many switches are easier if you just don’t mention it.

So cooking brown rice. Yes, it takes longer than white rice. I’ve seen many recipes that say to cook brown rice for 45-50 minutes, but mine is always done at 30 minutes. That’s about how long it takes me to finish cooking the other things we’re eating, set the table, pull out the salad, clean up a diaper blow-out and rescue the cats from being bathed by Jonathan, so brown rice is actually just perfect for me:) You can also cook it ahead of time and simply reheat when you’re ready to eat, which is what I do if I’m going to make fried rice or mexican rice, or something like that.

How To Cook Brown Rice


Brown rice Water

1. To cook rice use one part rice to two parts water. I usually use 1.5 C. rice and 3 C. water, which makes enough for one meal for the four of us. Place rice and water in a medium pot. Cover and bring to a boil.

IMG_2516 Rice and water, pre cooking.

2. When water and rice come to a boil, reduce heat to medium-low, crack lid slightly and simmer for 30 minutes, stirring once or twice.

3. After rice has cooked for 30 minutes, remove from heat, cover tightly with lid and let sit for 5 minutes. This lets the rest of the water absorb (without scorching the bottom!) and the rice finish cooking.

IMG_2520 After cooking for 30 minutes, but there’s still some water to be absorbed.

4. Fluff rice and serve.

IMG_2256 Perfectly cooked brown rice, used in simple mexican rice.

Notes: I like to add a few tablespoons of coconut oil for flavor and nutrition, plus it helps keep any leftover rice from clumping in the fridge.

Yield: Approximately 5 C. of rice

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