Weekend Reading

Reading in the park

My goodness, it was a long week! It was warm again, it rained quite a bit, we saw several snakes, the pollen has kicked up and I pulled several ticks off of Jonathan. This all means that spring is really here!Photo credit

Food for Thought

We purchase 1/4 of a cow each spring and we’re down to 2 lbs. of ground beef left from last year. We’re even out of bones! We won’t get our next 1/4 of beef until the end of April so I was resigned to just buying some store bought beef.

Cheeseslave via Kelly the Kitchen Kop has a great article on why she shops at Whole Foods. It’s a great post and the comments are super interesting!

  • There’s one particular comment that got me thinking-Is it really impossible to put together decently healthy meals shopping just at Walmart? I don’t think so, and this post at Kitchen Stewardship is heading in the direction my thoughts are.
Food to Eat
  • Of course David didn’t eat any (“It’s chick food”), but I made this quinoa salad from Two Peas and Their Pod and it is awesome! I can see it’s going to be my summer staple. I didn’t have black quinoa so I just used regular.
  • I’ve been trying to think of a way to get more greens into Jonathan and Joseph, and this past week I remembered this spinach bites recipe from Tracy’s blog. I mixed up a big batch a few days ago and we all love them! I ate quite a few straight off the pan while they were still cooling:)