How to Cook Dried Beans In the Crock Pot

There isn’t much that’s cheaper than dried beans. As far as healthy and frugal go, beans are a food that can’t be beat. I keep a few cans around for emergencies (as in, oh no, what’s for supper? Everything’s frozen! Let’s have refried bean quesadillas!), but most of the beans we eat I cook from dried beans. I always cook a large amount and then freeze the cooked beans in 2-cup portions.

It’s not hard. It really doesn’t take that much hands-on time. You can do this!

How to Cook Dried Beans In the Crock Pot


4 C. dried black beans (the technique is the same for any dried bean)
16 C. water (one gallon- we’re cooking a lot of beans here!)

1. Rinse the beans well with cool water. Place in the crock pot. Pour water over the beans, then cover and let soak overnight.

2. Set the crock pot to high (if you are going to cook them for 7-8 hours) or low (if you are going to cook them for 10-12 hours, or overnight).

I love this crock pot!

3. After the beans have cooked, drain*, rinse, then portion into containers or freezer bags.

That’s it!

*You don’t have to drain the beans. You can freeze them in the cooking liquid, but I prefer to have the beans drained and rinsed to I can easily use them straight from the freezer.

Do you eat a lot of beans? Do you cook dried beans in your crock pot or on the stovetop?

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