Weekend Reading

Happy Mother’s Day! Well, it’s tomorrow, but close enough. Brothers My two reasons to celebrate tomorrow. And every day!

Food for Thought
  • If you’re unsure about whether or not soy is a healthy addition to your diet, check out this article. An excerpt from The Whole Soy Story, this article hits the main issues I have with soy products.
  • I didn’t even know a garden hose filter existed! I love our Berkey water filter for our drinking water, but I was just thinking the other day that it’s a bummer the boys play in the hose water that reeks of chlorine. And we water our garden with it!
Food to Eat
  • Ok, I know that fermented foods are super good for us, but I’m honestly scared of lacto-fermentation. I just made the chickpea wraps (SUPER good!) from The Everything Beans Book, and I think I might have to try this raisin chutney recipe, which I think would go great with the chickpea wraps. Although I can tell you right now I’ll be the only one willing to eat something called, “Raisin Chutney”.
  • Something a little more mainstream and fun is homemade strawberry jam-sweetened with honey and no pectin needed! If you have older kids this might be the perfect weekend project.
  • This website is all recipes with quinoa! Awesome idea, and I’ve already bookmarked quite a few yummy-looking recipes.