Weekend Reading

Food for Thought

--Tammy wrote a really, really good post on including children in your kitchen work. This is something I’ve been struggling with, and this post was a great encouragement to me. It inspired me to make some adjustments to my kitchen routine to make room for my little helpers. Since she has five kiddos I’m pretty sure she knows what she’s talking about!

--Crunchy Betty wrote about five things she learned about food from Joel Salatin. Thought provoking and entertaining, as always.

Food to Eat

--David loves pop-tarts and I’ve been meaning to try making them again (I tried once and they didn’t turn out. At all). I’m going to give these a shot. I’ll let you know how they are!

--I have tried several homemade cracker recipes and we haven’t been impressed. I made these a few days ago and I think with some adjustments they can be great! We thought the amaranth flavor was too strong, but the texture of the crackers was great. Crisp, slightly crumbly when bitten, almost like ritz! Next time I’ll use less amaranth flour (probably use whole wheat flour to replace most of it since we don’t need to be gluten-free).

--I’m definitely going to add breakfast potatoes to my June meal plan. I can see these will be something my family will love (we heart spuds, that’s for sure!).

Have a great weekend! Be sure to soak up some natural vitamin D from the sun!