Oven Roasted Vegetables

I think one of the main reasons people think they don't like vegetables is because they've only ever had them prepared in boring ways. Canned green beans warmed up? Meh. Frozen carrots steamed in a pot until hot and rubbery? No thanks!

Vegetables can be a delicious addition to a meal, not just an obligatory side dish. There are two keys to preparing tasty veggies: Add fat, and add salt. Spices are always a great addition, too!

Adding a healthy fat, like butter, coconut oil, or olive oil, improves the flavor, but also helps your body absorb the nutrients from the vegetables. This helps you get the most out of each mouthful, nutritionally speaking!

Salt helps bring out the natural sweetness and flavor in vegetables, and it's good for your body. I use either celtic sea salt, Redmond real salt, or Himalayan pink salt. An easy way to tell if you have a good salt is if it's got some color - color means the natural minerals are still there, which is a good thing.

This is a great finger food for babies. When Daniel had his food intolerances he ate these oven roasted vegetables a lot. To this day he gets excited when he sees the pan of vegetables going into the oven. And yes, that makes me feel like I'm doing pretty good on raising healthy eaters!

You can use any frozen vegetable blend you'd like. I either use just broccoli, or a normandy blend from Costco, which is broccoli, cauliflower, and two kinds of carrots. 

Oven Roasted Vegetables


Frozen vegetable blend, enough to fill a sheet pan 
Olive oil
Coarse salt

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Pour frozen vegetables onto a rimmed baking sheet. You can do as much as you want, but if you need a very large batch it's best to use two pans - you don't want to overcrowd the pan.

2. Drizzle liberally with olive oil.

3. Then sprinkle with salt.

4. Give the pan a few shakes to coat the vegetables with the oil and salt. Slide pan into the oven and cook for 30-35 minutes, until vegetables are as browned as you like them. I love the crispy edges, so I roast them until I see some charring.

5. Serve hot!

Notes: The whole family loves vegetables prepared this way, and I love how easy it is! I like to chop any leftovers and add to omelets or quiches.

Do you have a favorite vegetable?