Turkey Avocado Wraps

Sometimes lunch time just sneaks up on me. I'm busy working, and then suddenly there are three little hungry cave boys needing some food.

Usually these are the same days we are out of bread, naturally.

We generally have some tortillas buried in the back of the refrigerator (you do that too, right?). This quick lunch fix came from digging around the kitchen and putting together what was available in a pinch. It has become a favorite lunch around here! 



Turkey Avocado Wraps


4 flour tortillas (I use 10")
1 avocado
4 slices turkey lunchmeat
4 slices cheese (I used munster)
salt and pepper

1. Slice avocado in half and remove the seed. Cut each half in half again, and place one section onto each tortilla (1/4 of the avocado for each tortilla). Smash with a fork and spread evenly over tortillas - I usually have the boys do this.

2. Sprinkle avocado with salt and pepper. Lay one slice of turkey on top of each tortilla. Break each slice of cheese in half and place on top of the turkey so the cheese reaches the ends of the tortilla. Because no one wants a plain, dry tortilla end.

3. Roll up, slice, and enjoy! I like to serve with some chips, a piece of fruit, and carrots. We were out of carrots this day. Aren't we such a healthy family? ;)

I like to add thinly sliced red onion to mine. I also think chopped pineapple would be a fantastic addition, and some cilantro. Use whatever you have in your kitchen!

Serves 4

Tip: If you're serving to small children be careful not to use too much avocado. Because then it will squish out onto their little hands and, you know, the world ends.

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