Dairy-free Creamy Coffee

One of the most ironic (and borderline cruel) issues mothers face while breastfeeding is that coffee commonly causes issues with baby. Ever had a newborn? They make you very tired. You kind of need coffee to survive. 

Dairy, of course, also causes troubles for a lot of breastfeeding moms and babies. I know a lot of moms just switch to black coffee while they're breastfeeding, and limit it to one small cup a day.

When Daniel had all his food intolerances, one of his symptoms was waking every 1-2 hours round the clock. Corn is what caused this, but I didn't pinpoint corn and remove it from my diet until he was about 6 months old. That was a loooooong six months of little sleep. At the worst of the sleep deprivation, I was drinking, ahem, 5 cups of coffee a day. Yeah. I knew it was making the issue worse, but seriously. I was just so freaking tired, and I had two other cave boys to care for.

I drank black coffee for a while, and I got used to the lack of sweetness. But I always missed the creaminess of dairy. So rich and smooth, such a nice start to the day. I was pretty excited when I heard about bulletproof coffee, and with a few adjustments, it became the perfect dairy-free coffee creamer for me.

When I switched from black coffee to my version of bulletproof coffee I stopped drinking as many cups each day. I think the healthy fats helped sustain my energy for longer, and they sure made my poor, exhausted brain function better! Packing a bunch of nutrient-dense healthy fat into my coffee was a small change that made a big impact on how good I felt every day.

Breastfeeding moms should always be careful to include enough healthy fats in their diets. Babies need plenty of good fats for optimal growth and development. So basically, you can count this as a health supplement for you and your baby! Yeah, we'll go with that ;)

Many people with dairy sensitivities are able to tolerate ghee just fine, because the dairy proteins and sugars are removed, so I encourage you to try it even if you need to be dairy-free for baby - it adds some awesome nutrients to the mix! But after drinking just coconut oil blended into my coffee for many months, I have to say that I really love it that way, too.

Dairy-free Creamy Coffee (Bulletproof knock-off)


1.5 cups hot coffee
1.5 tablespoons coconut oil

Optional: 1 tablespoon ghee (obviously not technically DF), and sweetener of choice - I like sucanat.

1. Place hot coffee and coconut oil (and the optional ghee and sweetener) into blender (or magic bullet cup). Blend for 30-45 second until melted and mixed thoroughly.

2. Pour into your favorite coffee mug and serve.

Notes: Once Daniel was older and making progress in healing his little gut, I started adding the ghee to my coffee as well. Now that he's fully healed (and weaned, YAY freedom!) I normally use grass-fed butter in place of the ghee.

I don't order the special bulletproof coffee beans. I buy organic coffee beans from Costco (Mayorga brand, it's a yellow package) and we love, love, love this coffee!

Have you ever tried bulletproof coffee?